Laurent Guiraud, PhD is the CEO & Founder of ITD Solutions SAS. 

“I founded ITD Solution with the mission to help enterprises innovate through data. Our focus is on execution of a value-driven data strategy.”

Google Innovation Award winner Laurent Guiraud has a technological handle on the future – because he’s helping create it.

“With the advent of Cloud, AI and Blockchain, we are entering a new industrial revolution,” says Laurent, whose background includes a PhD in physics alongside a passion for calculated risk-taking in creating strategic IT trajectories for start-ups and companies seeking to expand into new areas.

“Partnering with companies to grow their market and technological presence involves asking them, how will they adapt to an ever-changing IT world? How will they develop their unique IT vision that increases their value to both the market, and to the forward progress of the technological world at large?”

At Google, the Laurent’s answers to those questions came from his love of new technology and his look-beyond mindset, where he helped initiate a sea change across the entire IT industry by taking a risk on early adoption of Cloud technology—and landed a major client over competitor Microsoft in the bargain.

“We won one of the biggest Google Apps clients, Valeo, against Microsoft. Against all odds—and even with Steve Balmer trying to win back the deal! This triggered major changes at Microsoft, showing that the Cloud revolution had started,” he says. “Most of all, it was a defining moment for the IT industry.”

In addition to his talent for taking forward-looking risks and thorough understanding of Cloud, AI and other technologies, Laurent also provides companies with launch opportunities in European, Middle Eastern and African territories. Most recently, he built an entire sales pipeline for Paris firm Janrain, from zero to $2M in less than a year.

“When I joined them, there was no pipeline. I was only seeing unhappy customers. So, I listened carefully, making sure to answer and resolve all their issues. This turned the company’s entire sales outlook around, and I was also able to sell their first-ever European public sector customer.”

Laurent’s vision and business acumen is driven by his love of technology, which is also clear in the numerous technical articles he’s written. These cover topics including Machine Learning, Data Protection, Security, IoT, Blockchain, AI and platforms like Hadoop.

Before Janrain, Laurent filled roles at CSC/DXC and Amazon Web Services, where he led development and execution for their Big Data go-to-market strategies. Prior to those, he was promoted multiple times while at Google, where he served in various capacities in sales and apps deployment, and finally as Head of Cloud & Google Apps Deployment Services, where he was an early champion of change management strategy and delivery to Google customers.

Aside from winning Google’s Innovation Award, Laurent’s record of achievement includes the Be Counted EMEA Award, the Enterprise Yearly Leadership Award, and ongoing sales and peer bonus awards.


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