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Is Hadoop Going to Collapse Under Its Own Weight?

Hadoop helped propel the data revolution by bringing it agility and versatility, but now it has become a huge machine. It continues to increase in complexity, allowing lightweight alternatives to challenge it. And chasing a Hadoop solution is becoming more like chasing ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). Don’t let the old habits come back. Be sure to embrace the […]

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At The Intersection of Big Data, IoT and AI

In the midst of the market buzz around the Internet of Things, Big Data, the Cloud, and Deep learning (AI), it’s become difficult to pinpoint the key paradigm shift taking place: convergence. To understand this shift, we should consider all four contributing phenomena together, rather than separately. IoT, Big Data, the Cloud, and AI are defining our future, just[…]


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The Sharing Economy: What Comes After Uber?

Five years ago, catching a cab to the airport meant hailing one on the corner or scheduling a black car service. When you arrived at your destination, maybe you rented a car and drove to your hotel, where you made a reservation weeks in advance. Today, you call two Ubers and book a room instantly through Airbnb,[…]